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Creating Positive Life-Changing Outcomes with Equine Assisted Learning

In the heart of the equine-assisted learning movement stands "Horses Helping Humans™," a beacon of innovation and hope led by Sue Spence, a pioneer with over 20 years of experience in the field. This Certified Trademark program is renowned for its powerful training and the profound, positive changes it brings to participants. Through unique life skills and opportunities with horses, individuals develop essential social-emotional, personal, and professional skills.

What is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an innovative approach that involves interactive experiences with horses to foster the development of crucial social-emotional skills, as well as personal and professional development, including leadership and team-building. This modality is rapidly gaining popularity across Australia, New Zealand, and globally, thanks to its effectiveness and unique methodology.

Who Benefits from Equine Assisted Learning?

EAL is designed for those with a passion for horses and a desire to help people, offering a unique career pathway for individuals interested in becoming facilitators in this growing field. It's an enriching opportunity to expand one's horizons while making a significant impact on others' lives.

Our Programs and Workshops

Facilitator Licensing

Joining the Horses Helping Humans™ community opens doors to complement any existing equine program. As a facilitator, you'll assist professionals like youth workers, social workers, and family services by providing them with tools for awareness, crucial for their future interactions with clients. The comprehensive training covers:

  • Advanced horsemanship ground skills

  • Exceptional people skills

  • Essential certifications (e.g., blue cards, first aid)

The program focuses on teaching communication skills and body language awareness through personality profiling, with each horsemanship skill backed by a psychological foundation.

Youth Program

Launched in 2016, our Youth Program addresses the high demand for accessible, effective training across Australia. Known for its results-based approach, this program offers a genuine alternative for assisting young, disadvantaged individuals, working closely with organizations across northern NSW and south-east QLD to foster functional, fulfilling lives.

Equine Assisted Learning Workshops

Our workshops provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment for individuals from diverse backgrounds, including youth, veterans, and families, to explore personal growth. Participants learn to:

  • Manage emotions and impulses

  • Improve communication for healthier relationships

  • Build confidence, self-esteem, and respect

  • Develop effective boundaries

  • Reduce stress

These workshops emphasize practical, hands-on learning in small groups, allowing for profound personal insights and growth.

Corporate Workshops

Our corporate workshops offer unique team-building experiences, focusing on improving workplace communication and productivity through understanding different personality types and emotional control techniques. Participants learn effective communication strategies, body language analysis, and breathing techniques to lower stress and enhance team dynamics.

The Impact of Equine Assisted Learning

The beauty of Equine Assisted Learning lies in its ability to mirror life's challenges through the lens of horsemanship. Observing and interacting with horses allows participants to reflect on their lives, encouraging a balance of mutual respect in all relationships. With no prior horse experience required, all interactions are grounded, offering a safe, impactful learning environment.

Horses Helping Humans™ stands at the forefront of Equine Assisted Learning, transforming lives with its innovative approach. By fostering emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership skills, this program not only changes individual lives but also enriches communities and workplaces. It's a testament to the power of empathy, understanding, and connection—principles that are as universal as they are essential.

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