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Effective Communication

In the small group lessons we teach the basics of natural horsemanship (which is trust and respect).

Participants are able to show their skills in horse agility presentations, participants are then awarded certificates, ribbons and trophies. (Groups can be formed with students from different organisations)

In the larger group workshops the focus is on recognising different personality types and how to successfully communicate with them, along with body language awareness and how to gain emotional control.

These workshops give valuable take home skills to use in everyday communication.

Women's Workshops

Designed especially for women to help them develop boundaries in their lives and improve communication with family, friends, and colleagues. One of the most emotionally challenging things people face is the ability to calm down when we are under pressure (fight or flight response).

  • Learn how to confidently say “No”

  • Learn practical and effective steps to regain control of your life.

  • Watch a Natural Horsemanship demonstration to see first-hand how your emotions affect those around you and how to remain calm and respond, while others may be reacting to a challenging situation.


Challenging situations arise every day, from missing a carparking space when you are in a rush to an inappropriate comment from a work colleague, and can quickly raise negative emotions. The ability to firstly recognise these feelings and then use calm assertiveness to handle them can be liberating.

Please contact us for information on our  Family Workshops and Women's Workshops

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