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Corporate Workshops

Unique workshops available for corporate team building and organisations.

Team building - focus on improving communication between colleagues, increasing productivity through successful communication strategies for different personality types.  Using emotional control techniques and body language awareness to stay calm and focused when under pressure.

Effective Communication - learning to effectively communicate without being reactive changes the team dynamics.  People start working together not against each other.

I would like to introduce you to my award winning outcome based Horses Helping Humans (HHH)
Communications Program. This program would be of great benefit to many of the individuals and teams in your organisations.

The Horses Helping HumansTM Program became licensed in 2016 due to the high number of enquiries from all around Australia asking if the program was available in other states. This program is now synonymous with professional training as it is known as a results based program. (Pan Macmillan published my book Horses Who Heal in 2016)

It is a unique program that is providing a genuine alternative to communications based teachings.


I have been working together with corporate teams and corporate individuals, Crown Leadership International group and Youth and Family Service Organisations across northern NSW and south-east OLD including Act for Kids, Wesley Mission, Department for Child Safety, Youth and Correctional services among others. I am also in partnership with Griffith University's lnternship program and recently have started presenting to the Master of Psychology (Clinical) psychology students at Bond University on the HHH program and the outcomes we achieve.


Workshops are conducted in workplaces in small or large groups. I work closely with HR as the accompanying workbook I provide can be utilised to reinforce emotional regulation and body language adjustments that I teach.

Follow up sessions are available for those who are identified as struggling with anxiety or emotional regulation to ensure that the emotional stability of teams is bringing out the best in everyone. These sessions are available either in the workplace or on site at the HHH headquartersTallebudgera.


As the program founder, I am proud to have won the Gold Coast Women in Business award in both 2014 and 2016 for 'Community Dedication' and 'Creating Change' respectively and look forward to discussing more about what we do and how our program might be implemented to complement the work you already do to improve individuals well-being.


The Workshop will focus on personality profiling and body language analysis. It will demonstrate how the four temperaments choleric, melancholy, sanguine and phlegmatic personality types have their own conditioned responses when under pressure which shows through body language differences and energy spikes.



It will integrate extensive knowledge bases in interpersonal communication skills, body language, and emotional intelligence and personality types and will be making each personality conscious of the body language that is hindering their communication, especially when working with high alert clients. 

It will also focus on gaining an understanding of the Neural Pathways of Fight or Flight and how temperament and body language can escalate anxiety and panic attacks.



Groups learn the body language and breathing techniques to help lower adrenaline and also to understand their personalities at a deeper level to help open the doors of communication with difficult clients and peers.



Participants will take home the body language and breathing techniques which help lower the fight and flight hormones by participating in breathing exercises and using a different stance whilst standing and even how to position themselves whilst sitting in a chair in front of others so that they look and feel non reactive due to the different hormones the brain produces in different positions.



Horses Helping Humans has been known for many years as a program that breaks through where other methods have failed with many clients and the techniques we use will be shared in this workshop.


"Having had a long Executive career (ASX top 50 company), I thought I was pretty good at understanding how to behave in meetings and how to get the outcome I was after. However, near the end of my career, I stepped off the Executive Team and took on a part-time advisory role. Occasionally, I was asked to present to that Executive Team and the Board of the Company. I thought I was doing the right thing by being quite humble and to some degree subservient. I had previously been a senior member of that team and was likely somewhat dominant.

At about the same time as I went through Sue Spence's program I noticed that I wasn't really being listened to at the Executive Team meetings I attended. I'd gone from being extremely influential to being ignored in pretty well one fell swoop.

During the session with Sue I realised that I was being way too timid (much to my surprise). Sue taught me to regain my confidence, but to do it in a controlled and respectful way. Just two weeks after the session with Sue I was able to put Sue's training into effect. Along with two others, we went along to the Executive Team and the Board of the Company and asked for for the establishment of a charitable foundation with an establishment gift of $100 million. I'm not saying that Sue's training was the sole reason we received an immediate yes, but it was certainly a key part of me representing the idea with both confidence and respect."

Peter Hanlan - former Group Executive, Retail and Business Banking, and advisor to the CEO of Westpac.

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