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Which Horse or Pony are You?

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"There should never be fear or intimidation in communication, there should only be mutual trust and respect"

Welcome to Horses Helping Humans™

Sue Spence Horses Helping Humans™, Equine Assisted Learning
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Sue Spence’s “Horses Helping Humans”: is one of the most powerful Equine Assisted Learning Training Programs and a Certified Trademark, creating positive life-changing outcomes for participants.  Sue is a pioneer in the Equine Assisted Learning field with over 20 years experience working with clients and achieving documented, award-winnng outcomes!  She has been awarded a Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention, and is a published author, public speaker and educator, who teaches communication skills.

Sue was the first person to identify that different personality profiles exhibited differing body language when under pressure. Her business Horses Helping Humans™ has been featured in numerous reports, events, programs, newspapers and magazines.

Do you love horses and helping people?

Horses Helping Humans Australia™, Equine Assisted Learning

The Horses Helping Humans™ Program became licensed in 2016 due to the high number of enquiries, as a result of media coverage, from all around Australia asking if the program was available in other states.

The Horses Helping Humans™ name is now synonymous with professional training as it is known as a results-based program.
Licensees receive full training in all aspects of the program. Requirements to deliver the program include a high level of horsemanship ground skills, a high level of people skills, current blue cards and first aid certificates. Horsemanship clinics are available for training to the horsemanship ground skills level required.

As a Horses Helping Humans™ Facilitator, not only are you providing people with knowledge and communication skills which they will use throughout their lives, you are also giving youth workers, social workers, youth justice case workers and family services staff with some tools of awareness. These are skills they can take on and continue to use within their future counselling sessions with youth clients. Working in partnership with youth support agencies means all students attend with their case workers.

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Equine Assisted Learning allows you to develop new emotional patterns and boundaries in a non-threatening or judgmental environment.

Horses Who Heal

Published by Pan Macmillan released April 2016

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All her life, Sue has found solace and companionship with her horses. After a brush with cancer in her late thirties, the family opted for a tree change. As a result, she was able to fulfil a long-held dream - to work with horses every day.
Her horse training and compassion for others quickly turned into a business, Horses Helping Humans™ – giving people a chance to learn from these intelligent, soulful creatures. 

Horses Who Heal is the story of one woman’s deep love for horses and the powerful life lessons they’ve taught her along the way. Sue’s equine team are inspiring others on their own journey of healing, helping thousands of people – from juvenile offenders to company CEOs – discover the power of communication, using more than just words.


Horses Who Heal Author Sue Spence


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For a team building and development exercise we visited Sue at Horses Helping Humans™ during a yearly Corporate Sales conference. We were after an exercise that was different to the standard and we were definitely not disappointed.

From the get go you can see how passionate and involving Sue is and any feeling of resistance or doubt disappears. Working as a group and individually allowed us to break down barriers and develop an understanding of our group personality types and how to best communicate with each other.

Working individually with Sue allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of how we communicate and react to situations and how small improvements can add a magnitude of confidence and effectively communicate both in and out of the workplace.

This was a most valuable and enjoyable experience and highly recommend as a team building exercise.

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Kirstyn Pickering

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