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Become a Certified Facilitator of the Horses Helping Humans™ Program

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The Horses Helping Humans™ Program became licensed in 2016 due to the high number of enquiries from all around Australia asking if the program was available in other states. The Horses Helping Humans™ name is now synonymous with professional training as it is known as a results-based program.

Licensees receive full training in all aspects of the program. Requirements to deliver the program include:

  • a high level of horsemanship ground skills *

  • a high level of people skills 

  • current blue cards and first aid certificates   

* Online Horsemanship training with Mandy Probyn is now available to ensure your skills are at the required level.

Horses Helping Humans program

In the role of a Horses Helping Humans™ Facilitator you are assisting Youth workers, Social workers, Youth Justice Case workers and Family services with some tools of awareness. These are skills they can take on and continue to use within their future counselling sessions with youth clients. Most young people attend with their case workers.

This program is not a counselling service or equine therapy. It is specifically designed to teach communication skills and body language awareness using personality profiling. Each horsemanship skill we teach has a psychological base which introduces students to techniques for focusing, lowering anger and anxiety and developing an awareness of human to human communication which they can use for the rest of their lives.

Understanding the differences in each personality type and learning to read body language gives participants the life skills to notice when others are becoming reactive. Learning the skill of diffusing is one of the many skills taught through the program that youth workers identify as having a big impact on their participants’ outcomes.

Training includes:

  • giving Horses Helping Humans™ instructors a full understanding of the four temperaments: (Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy and Phlegmatic) and 

  • how to identify the different conditioned responses shown through body language by each temperament

  • how to communicate with each temperament to gain the best possible level of engagement

  • the techniques we use to communicate with each temperament to gain the best possible level of engagement

  • an understanding of the range of emotional health issues participants may present with. Please view our testimonial (insert link) page to get a better understanding of the type of participants the program can help and the results they can experience

  • Step by step instructions on running each of the sessions in the Horses Helping Humans Program

  • this all comes along with full horsemanship ground skill training if needed, with follow up clinics available

  • a range of useful template documents

  • guidance on delivering the “Which Horse or Pony are You” presentation to schools, youth services, corporate clients, etc.

If prospective licensees are approved, they will receive the Sue Spence Communications logo to use on all advertising so the public and organisations can be assured that all licensees have been trained to our high standard and are operating from facilities which have been approved. 

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Find a Horses Helping Humans™ Facilitator
in Australia or New Zealand

Don’t see a facilitator in your area below? Please get in contact by completing the form here, as we have licensees currently in training.

  • Horses Helping Humans Atherton Tablelands Inc.
    Wendy Pearce Email: Phone: 0427 008 778
  • Horses Helping Humans Bouldercombe
    Linda Browning Dusty Boots 0408251968
  • Horses Helping Humans Gold Coast
    Sue Spence Tallebudgera Email:
  • Horses Helping Humans Innisfail
    Amy Williamson Phone: 0411 072 799
  • Horses Helping Humans Logan
    Vera Cockrenn Deeper Soul Connections Email: Phone: 0421 486 709
  • Horses Helping Humans Mackay
    Mandy Probyn Phone: 07 49584724 Mobile: 0416125405
  • Horses Helping Humans Moreton Bay
    Katrina Nicol Herd Together Website:
  • Horses Helping Humans Rockhampton
    4 Mile Farm Horse Talk Email: Phone: 0403 291 770
  • Horses Helping Humans Sunshine Coast
    Lisa Warren River Road Equine Assisted Learning Website:
  • Horses Helping Humans Bilinga / Tweed
    Jasmin Dorrington Email:
  • Horses Helping Humans Byron Bay
    Lainie Towner Equine Angels Byron Bay Website: Phone: 0430 588 106
  • Horses Helping Humans Inverell
    Marie Cosgrove Email: Phone: 0457 486 750
  • Horses Helping Humans Macksville
    Warren Pogonoski Email: Phone: 0408 021 591
  • Horses Helping Humans Nabiac
    Kerri Fitzpatrick Horses of Riverdance Email: Phone: 0438 159 491
  • Horses Helping Humans Port Macquarie
    Deb and Rod O’Malley Learn from Horses Inc Website: Phone: 0439 863 370
  • Horses Helping Humans Somerville
    Horses Helping Humans Somerville Lisa Boyd Horses for Causes Phone: 0404 843 821
  • Horses Helping Humans Devonport
    Fiona Hanafin RESPECT Communications Ltd. Email: Phone: 0438 137 604
  • Horses Helping Humans Taranaki (North Island)
    Laura Menzies Website: Email: Phone: +64 21 83 4445
  • Horses Helping Humans Makoura Lodge / Fielding (North Island)
    Kimberley McIntyre Phone: +64 06 328 4746 Email:
  • Horses Helping Humans Marahau (South Island)
    Lenna Dickson Website: Email:
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